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Massage Therapy 

RWVero is dedicated to enhancing the health and wellness of our clients which is reflected in the time we take with each individual and the personal care you receive because we believe our clients are entitled to the highest caliber massage therapy. Massage therapy at RWVero specializes in the more technical aspects of care by working with pain, range of motion, and clinical management. Each  massage starts by sitting down for an assessment with our massage therapist to find out why you are seeking massage. Our focus is on treating the problem, with plausible science based manual therapy solutions.

RWVero specializes in massage therapy for ongoing maintenance, pain and musculoskeletal soft tissue injury. Each massage therapy program is designed to best meet the needs of the client. The massage therapist adapts the massage using Sports Massage, Swedish Massage, Fascia Work, Trigger Point Therapy, PNF Stretching, and supportive exercises.

Massage Establishment License MM43368
John Rodriguez LMT MA101360