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Sound Bath Immersion

With Denise Carraro
Friday, April 14th at 7 PM

Denise will use a set of crystal singing bowls that carry a high frequency and during this session she will harmonize your body. Each note you hear in a sound bath has a purpose; there is intention behind every note and every sequence.

Come enjoy a full energy reset. 

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Soul Yoga with Denise Carraro

A 5-Week Course Starting on May 13th - June 10th

Meets Saturdays 11am-12:30pm

What is Soul Yoga?
It's a program crafted for students who are new to yoga and would like to learn the yoga postures at a slow and gentle pace, while combining Yoga Philosophy.

Investment: Early Bird Price: $135 (Ends on April 5th)
Regular Price: $175 (Starts April 6th)
*Course requires a minimum of 5 students registered in order to start.

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Yoga: Restore. Relax. Reset.

Revitalize your body and relax your mind to realign with these two class offerings.

Gentle Yoga, every Wednesday at 5:30PM

Click the link below for monthly dates that are offered on various Saturdays at 9:30AM

Beginner friendly and all levels welcome! 

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